• Alessandro Largo
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  • Address: Strada Statale Appia KM 706+030, c/o Cittadella della Ricerca, 7, Brindisi, 72100, Italia


Cetma is an applied multidisciplinary research and advanced industrial engineering centre with strong skills in materials and structures engineering, process simulation and structural design.

Has a novel and applicable EU patent for recycling of plastic urban waste -European Patent EP 1 598 164 A1

Consorzio T.R.E.


Tre is a public private partnership organization set up to apply research outcomes in the construction sector. It is a member of the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) and is leading the Focus Area Quality of Life in the Italian Construction Technology Platform (PTIC). Promotion of new and existing buildings, through an eco-sustainable integrated approach to safety, environmental impacts related to economical, social and environmental factors is one of its activities. Moreover, it develops new technology and promotes technology transfer as it also operates technical support for the sector, dissemination activities and vocational training.

Tre has skills in LCA and health/safety promotion of new technologies with direct experience in the construction sector with the use of GABI4 and Simapro8 as dedicated softwares for LCA.

Has a team dedicated to ICT-Knowledge Management Platform development, with extensive experience in decision tools and configurators dedicated to research and high level engineering

  • Maria Taxiarhou
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  • Address: Zografou Campus, Heroon Polytechniou, 9, Zografou, Athens, 15780, Greece


National Technical University of Athens is the oldest and most prestigious Technical University in Greece with 9 schools and more than 7000 students and 700 staff members. The Laboratory of Metallurgy is part of the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering and has experienced significant progress the last 10 years in terms of research and development projects.

The activities of the Laboratory are mainly focused on research and technology development in the field of extractive industries, including development of energy efficient processes, processing technologies for ores and industrial minerals, design, simulation and techno-economical evaluation of new production processes, design of environmental protection processes, synthesis of high added-value materials from ores and industrial minerals.

The Laboratory of Metallurgy is equipped with modern equipment for physicochemical characterisation and has the necessary infrastructure to support its research and development activities.

  • Christos Dedeloudis
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  • Address: An Metaxa Street, 15, Kifissia, Athens, 14564 Greece


S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. constitutes a multinational Group of companies, with a strong international presence, selling its products in more than 65 countries worldwide. The S&B Group consists of subsidiary and affiliated companies, operating mines, plants and distribution centres in more than 20 countries across 5 continents (among others in Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, USA, China, Brazil, India and Korea). Over 2,080 employees are working as part of S&B's global family.

The Group's core activity is the mining, processing and trade of industrial minerals and ores. Utilizing the multiple properties of industrial minerals, and through its portfolio of specialty minerals, S&B converts natural resources into customized value-adding industrial solutions for a broad range of applications including foundry, steel-making, construction and building materials, metallurgy and horticulture. S&B is organized in product Divisions across the various legal entities of the Group (Bentonite, Perlite, Bauxite, Fluxing agents, Specialty minerals). These Divisions are responsible for driving forward S&B's market based approach to business, and for building comprehensive Market-to-Mine chains that improve efficiency and add value to our customers.

All of them holding top rank positions in the markets they serve both in Europe and worldwide.

Centro Riciclo Vedelago

Centro Riciclo Vedelago S.R.L. (Centro Riciclo)

Centro Riciclo is a SME company operating in the field of waste recycling since 1999, through selection and separation processes carried out with product analysis. Since 2006 the company has large scale capital equipment for selective waste processing to produce a plastic flake for use in the construction and building sector. The materials produced are in compliance with the Italian technical standards established by UNI 10667/14:2009 for use in building sector.

  • Jeanette Visser
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  • Address: Schoemakerstraat, 97, DELFT, 2628 VK, Netherlands


The Netherlands Organisation of Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is the largest fully independent research organization in the Netherlands with more than 3,900 employees active within 5 Research Themes. TNO's public mission is to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. TNO's unique position is attributable to its versatility and capacity to integrate this knowledge.

TNO supports industry and society in transforming knowledge into products and processes of economic and societal value. Within the Research Theme Built Environment, TNO's innovation is geared to the smarter use of methods and materials for sustainable building and construction, to renewable energy and energy efficiency, to the development and renewal of urban and rural infrastructure, and to regional development, including mobility and logistics. TNO investigates how the resources can best be put to use, how the waste can be up-cycled to high-end applications to save the resources, and how the built environment can best be organised, used and managed.

TNO works for a variety of customers: governments, the SME sector, large companies, service providers and non-governmental organisations. The results are new knowledge, better products and clear recommendations for policy and processes. Market activities of TNO are distribution across Dutch industry (38 per cent), International (38 per cent) and Dutch government (24 per cent). In 2011 the total consolidated income rose to 577 million euros, a third of which was government funding for the purpose of developing new knowledge.



ACCIONA Infraestructuras is a leading European construction company developing and managing buildings and civil infrastructures under the sustainability principles. It has an international presence in more than 30 countries and its total turnover in 2007 was 3.6 billion €, employing 14.000 people. It is part of ACCIONA Group, whose business lines are Construction, Real State, Urban-Environmental Services, Energy, Logistic and Transport. Achievement of sustainability in the construction sector by the development and construction of energy efficient buildings through the incorporation of the latest and most innovative materials, products and technologies available in the market is within the core strategy of ACCIONA. Its activities can cover from their design and construction to their operation, maintenance, refurbishment and recycling. Last 5 years it has built more than 480 non-residential buildings and 18.000 dwellings, of which 5.000 have been built under the EE and affordability basis.

ACCIONA´s R&D Technological Centre of Madrid (TCM) is composed by a multidisciplinary team of 150 high qualified researchers, fully dedicated to R&D activities, whose main objective is the research and development of new products, processes and services of interest for the different ACCIONA business lines, which allow them to reinforce its competitiveness by the integration of "innovation" at their daily operations. In particular, its main research areas are focused on the development of Nanotechnologies, New Construction Materials, Products and Systems, ICTs, Energy Efficiency and Environment Technologies applicable to buildings and civil infrastructures.

  • Giray Arslan
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  • Address: Karadeniz MH Eski Edirne Asfalti, Instabul, 34150, Turkey


Iston was founded in 1986 with over 400 employees and established as the largest concrete pipe and paving stone manufacturer in Turkey.

Iston exports over 35% to the EU and has experience in production of concrete and reinforced concrete pipes, readymixed concrete, street furniture, children playground equipments, paving stone and kerbs, huge water channel segments, prefabricated construction elements and various types of construction activities.

Iston mantains an R&D team which consists of 11 engineers and 6 laboratory staff and two accredited laboratories in which 34 EU accredited tests for concrete and aggregate systems take place.

Magnetti Building
  • Marco Preda
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  • Address: Via Don A. Pedrinelli, 118, Carvico (BG), 24030, Italy


Magnetti Building is leader in the field of realization of industrial, commercial and service industry prefab-buildings, offering turn-key systems in order to be the unique reliable partner during the whole construction process. Furthermore, Magnetti Building is deeply involved in the development of technically competitive solutions able to reduce the needs in terms of energy requirements.

Core business of the company is the design and production of precast elements (columns, beams, roofing elements, double ribbed elements and façade panels) mainly for industrial buildings, offices, warehouses, shopping and sport-centres, cinemas, schools. As far as horizontal elements are concerned, the technology of prefabrication is combined with that of prestressing. The whole activity guarantees functional, high level and beautiful results. Special attention is paid to the specific customer's requirements in order to achieve customer tailored solutions.

  • Joana Branquinho
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  • Address: Rua Fernando Mesquita, 2785, Vila Nova de Famalicão, 4760 034, Portugal


CeNTI - Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials is an institute for new technologies, founded in 2006, and its services take a multi-disciplinary approach and include the participation of experienced technologists and researchers (physicists, chemists, electronics/chemical/materials engineers). CeNTI is a distinct European research and development centre, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, and conducting world-class research and development.

CeNTI provides, in a business to business approach, applied R&D, engineering and scaling-up production of innovative smart materials and devices, with special focus in electronics (organic electronics and embedded systems), polymers (fibres and coatings), functional materials (nanomaterials and processes) and products numerical optimization (buildings and materials). CeNTI is an active member of two European Associations: Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) and Energy Efficient Building (E2B).

  • Steffen Wache
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  • Address: Dr.-Albert-Frank-Str., 32, Trostberg, 83308, Germany


BASF is the world's leading chemical company: Supplying materials for the chemicals, plastics, performance products, agricultural products and fine chemicals to crude oil and natural gas industries, annual sales of more than €4 billion as from 2010 from product innovations alone. BASF engages in research at 30 sites in Europe alone. BASF scientists are involved in numerous alliances with leading universities, research institutes, startups, partners from industry, and customers, more than 1300 of which are based in Europe. BASF spends almost €1.36 billion on research and development in 2008 of which more than 80 percent were invested in Europe. BASF has spent a total of €920 million for research in these five growth clusters from 2006 to 2008 and will spend a total of up to 1 bill. € from 2009 to 2011.

Taiwan Tech

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (TBTC)

The Taiwan Building Technology Center (TBTC) – elite University seeks to integrate science and technology to enhance the positive impact that buildings can have on the safety and quality of people's lives.

It consists of two research teams: the Intelligent Buildings Research Group and the Life-Cycle System Design for Buildings Research Group.

New building and ICT technologies that can create energy-conserving buildings with a reduced carbon footprint are explored with state of the art facilities.

TBTC is a leading research center for intelligent green building technology.

  • Massimo Pugliese
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  • Address: Via Mauro Macchi, 27, Milano, 20100, Italy


TUV is renowned in the Accreditation and Certification of Design tools for the Construction sector and specialises in:

  • Accreditation according ISO/IEC 17021 of management systems,
  • Inspection Body - accreditation according ISO/IEC 17020 of construction sites and industrial processes and products.
  • Notified Body n. 0948 for many Directives including 89/106/CEE (CPD).




Fraunhofer- (FhG) is a leading organization for applied research in Europe, undertaking contract research on behalf of industry, the service sector and the government. At present, FhG maintains about 80 research units, including 57 research institutes, at over 40 locations in Germany. An annual turnover of about 900 million € is generated in contract research by a staff of about 13000 employees. In this project FhG IBP will be participating.

FhG has specific expertise on the development and functionalizing of construction materials based on inorganic binders, new formulations e. g. for autoclaved aerated concrete, durability of building materials, water transport phenomena in capillary systems or the advancement and testing of new analytical methods.



IRIDEX GROUP PLASTIC is a privately-owned company located in Voluntari, Ilfov County, Romania. The company's main business is: distribution of special materials for civil and industrial works, testing laboratory for concrete through specific trials to assess the quality of construction materials and works, production and distribution of plastic nets for food industry, agriculture, packaging industry and construction, working for big construction companies involved in civil engineering works. Since 1994, the company also provides, for the Romanian market, efficient and environmental friendly solutions using geosynthetic materials for soil and asphalt reinforcement, lining and drainage systems, coast protection and erosion control. Iridex also has a department specialised in the production of admixtures for concrete. Iridex Group Plastic is ISO 9001/2008, ISO 14001/2005 and OHSAS 18001/2008 certified.

FhG has specific expertise on the development and functionalizing of construction materials based on inorganic binders, new formulations e. g. for autoclaved aerated concrete, durability of building materials, water transport phenomena in capillary systems or the advancement and testing of new analytical methods.

  • Marios Soutsos
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  • Tel 1: +44 28 909 74023
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  • Address: School of Planning, Architecture & Civil Engineering, David Keir Building, 39-123 Stranmillis Road, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland. BT9 5AG


Queen's University Belfast is a member of the Russell Group of 24 leading UK research-intensive universities, providing world-class education underpinned by world-class research. Founded as Queen's College in 1845, it became a university in its own right in 1908. Today, it is an international centre of research and education with over 17,000 students and 3,500 staff. The University is at the heart of economic growth in Northern Ireland with commercialisation of innovate research and technology creating almost 60 spin out companies employing over 1,000 people.

The Geopolymer team led by Prof Marios Soutsos, is located in The School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPACE). The school has an extremely strong international profile in both research and teaching. It brings together three prominent education disciplines areas, Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering, and three internationally recognised interdisciplinary research centres, the Environmental Engineering Research Centre, the Centre for Built Environment Research and the Institute of Spatial and Environmental Planning.

The driving ethos within the School is to provide engineering approaches to key environmental and sustainability issues and develop infrastructure that supports life in a more sustainable manner.