The project

The SUS-CON project aims at developing new technology routes to integrate secondary materials in the production cycle of concrete, for both ready-mixed and pre-cast applications, resulting in an innovative light-weight, eco-compatible and cost-effective construction material, made by secondary raw materials and characterized by low embodied energy and CO2 and by improved ductility and thermal insulation performances. 
Reduction in Embodied Energy Increase in thermal insulation properties Reduction in CO2 emissions Reduction in total cost Eco-friendly concrete

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M. Soutsos, presentation at Workshop: Stoke-on-Trent

M. Soutsos, presentation at Workshop: Stoke-on-Trent, “Application of Geopolymers” Meeting, 4th Decemb ...

SUS-CON Project presentation at Sustainable Construction Materials Event

Oral presentation of the SUS-Con project at the Sustainable Construction Materials Event, held by the ...

SUS-CON Poster at Ecomondo 2014

Poster presentation in Ecomondo 2014, The SUS-CON Project: Sustainable, innovative and energy-efficien ...

Rifiuti Solidi Urbani: un’Opportunità Concreta per l’Edilizia Sostenibile

Presentation at Workshop: "Le certificazioni ambientali del ciclo dell’acqua, dei rifiuti, dell’energi ...

36° Month Meeting

11-12 February 2015 | 36° Month Meeting | Bruxelles

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